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Something that I want to preach in front of new age filmmakers of India

For decades, Bollywood has been producing films that developed an image of Indian culture and a portion of literature, towards the dramatic elements, in the eyes of outsiders, which includes me as well. After the new wave of Indian cinema in recent past, the boundaries of storytelling has also expanded as the makers started to peel off the layers of the dark and dingy part of the society. So much so, that foreign filmmakers, come and visit

our country and make a film about those dark and dingy reality, through which they grab awards and accolades, and it's totally fair and enlightening as far as the purpose of a film goes.

The problem which I foresee, and I'm sure many of us do, is the redundancy of how India is represented through the lenses of the masters. The representation has set a narrow spectrum even in the eyes of our viewers, and that is a problem. Due to this, films like Tumbaad didn't make it to the mainstream.

My question is why are we still limiting ourselves to that narrow spectrum? The obvious answer forms a loop of some sort. That being, our very own viewers are habituated to that particular spectrum. There you have it, a loop.

As the dawn of technology is on the verge of becoming an "afternoon", it's time to run on all fours, with raging speed, or else, I dare say, Bollywood will just be as it is, but left behind in the inflating content market.

Solution: Old ideas... Very very very old ideas that has been scripted in the manuscripts of our Vedic literature, the original Indian literature and showing them with the elements of modern technology. It won't take a master's degree of film making to guess that even if we scratch the surface of Vedic literature, the image of Bollywood will drastically transcend to the next level.

I'm not saying that I am going to be some sort of messiah and all alone I can do that. N to the O. I'm saying that with 100% optimism on the idea of evolving the representation of our country... of our (as we call it) great country, and with mutual collaboration from every filmmaker involved (and yes, the viewers as well), we could totally broaden the spectrum of not only bollywood, but Indian Cinema as a whole, and that would definitely shout out a statement to the world outside, stating, "Yes! You see... India is more than what meets the eyes."

- Arnav Timsina


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